Saturday, 19 August 2017

Back to Business - Pics and Snippets from England Trip

So I got back from my holiday over a week ago and have yet to share any of my photos or experiences on here. It seems like suddenly the number of hours in a day have shrunk or maybe I’m just trying to fit too much into them. But whichever of the two it is, I am here now with a selection of pics and memories to share.

First up is the story behind these two lovely books that you see here.

Baggage checked in and with over an hour left to departure, I started kicking myself for not taking a book along with me for the flight. So I peeped into Agenda looking for a Nick Hornby to buy, and instead found myself caressing the chunky paperback copy of World Without End, which is the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth. However the sequel by itself made no sense and there didn’t seem to be a copy of the first book. I was advised to check again after our Security Check at Departures but despite finding matching copies of both books at WHSmith, the queue to the cash till was so long I might have missed my flight for waiting so I regrettably put both books back on the shelf. Needless to say, I popped into the very first bookshop I found once settled in our England hotel and bought them both. I weighed them up and down in my hands, thinking of just how much luggage weight they would be using up, yet could not bring myself to put them back on the shelf yet again. So now I finally have them in my non-existent library at home, seeing as my whole life is still packed up in boxes.

The highlight of the holiday, which was a present from my mother to my son, was a visit to West Midland Safari Park, where we took a trip in the Safari van in stormy weather that frightened most of the animals and made the giraffes get turned in (apparently they can easily fall and break a leg when the ground is slippery). However we were still lucky enough to see one giraffe out of the enclosure, which also came to eat out of our hands.

However my favourite episode of all was the reenactment of the War of the Roses at Warwick Castle. Here you can see shots from the show.

Meanwhile I revisited also the area titled Royal Weekend Party, which leads the visitors through a series of rooms that would have made up the royal family’s leisure home, complete with library and multiple bedrooms, all with realistic waxwork figures of the people who would have lived within the rooms.

Our visit to the Castle included a hilarious truly-lost experience in the Horrible Histories Maze, which although set up as a children’s attraction was very much a real and confusing maze of hedges, inside of which one could stumble upon recreations of The Stocks, a First World War area enclosed by sand bags and even barrels of explosives.

Although our England trip was short and the idea was cultural more than a shopping expedition, we did manage to haul back quite a few new items of clothing and accessories and here I am pictured in two of the t-shirts I bought whilst on the trip.

Which concludes my entry for today, as I switch off for some much-deserved sleep. Good night.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Mini-Break

I made a resolution to update this blog less sporadically and yet here I am, leaving today on holiday and with no option to take the laptop with me due to luggage constraints. So rather than let yet another week pass without an update, I decided to pop over to at least write this short entry. I hope to be back with pictures to share, good times to relate, and a fresh mind to pick up my life where I'm leaving off as I do hope to totally disengage in these coming few days. So goodbye until next time.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Getting To Know Myself - Through Other People's Eyes

Hello again and welcome to another post about my lately very-interesting life. Well, I say very interesting because I have been learning a lot about myself in the past few weeks. It seems that being single gives you the breathing space to get to terms with yourself and even get to know yourself some more, sometimes especially through other people's eyes.

To explain what I mean I must confess that I felt more of an attaché than a person in my own right through the years of being in a serious relationship. It didn't help that I was first dating and then married to someone who was better-known and more influential than myself wherever we went and with whoever we met, as well as that I slowly found myself willingly retreating into a submissive post. Which makes me wonder why I anyway hate being single when I felt that way for so long.

But back to the original idea of getting to know myself better, it all started with that I have over the past months, in acquiring back my status as person rather than one-of-two, become much more sociable. I have made new friends as well as becoming more friendly with my colleagues, as if finally coming out of my shell really. So here are some things that I learnt about myself through other people's comments:

- I apparently care too much. About everyone, and everything. A friend correctly told me, more than once, that I should 'just do my thing' and well, if the other people fit into it, well and good, otherwise no prob!

- And I think too much too, about every little detail and every word. I put too much effort into analysing even a passing comment and generally upset myself or worry too much for nothing as a result.

- I am a dreamer (well, I used to know this before life got in the way but thanks to a new aquaintence who noticed it in the first week we met, I now know just to what extent I am so, hehe!)

- I am a planner. I was told this by two people who do not know each other, both in the first week that I got to know them. Now I never had thought about it before though I do plan each minute detail of my life wherever I can (and often get disappointed as a result).

- I am annoying. Yes, this last took some time to digest and I even got upset at the person who said it to me. But, in the end, I went through all our interactions in my head and he was right, I can be very annoying, hehe. Thanks for pointing it out dear!

That about sums up some character traits of my own that I have been mulling over. I would mention the people who suggested them by name but not everyone is like me and enjoys seeing their name written down (yet another character trait of mine). So I leave you tonight with hopefully a more clear picture of who I am, in a blog that somehow seems to be turning more personal. Good night to all, until next time.